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I love to film artists and musicians, and I like to shoot films with diegetic music and sound editing in mind:

Music For Rodents

MFR Title Sequence

Episode 1:  Spinguin Ensemble Plays Parry Gripp

Episode 2:  Dance Party Cello Practice

This Song is Not About a Boy (music video) director, cinematographer
How to Geocache Like a Ballerina (music video) cinematographer,
(finalist in the 2015 Geocaching International Film Festival)
Woodworks (visual profile of a woodworker) director, cinematographer
Garage Darkroom (profile of a screenprinter) director, cinematographer

Planet Today at Musée Méchanique – composer, editing
I Am Guaguanco – song (from the album Queen Elizabeth)
A Thousand Witches – song (from the album Queen Elizabeth)

Percussion music:

Crows Samba Reggae – live performance of original song
Samba Reggae with Glockenspiel – parade performance
Samba Parade in Lakeside, OH – live performance
Samba Sidewalk Batucada – live performance
Guaguanco Challenge – original song
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