Based in Los Angeles (previously Santa Barbara), Spinguin is the production platform for Betsy Gain and the artists with whom she works.

NEWS! - "Guaguanco Challenge" video is an entry in the 2018 Hit Like a Girl online Drumming Contest.

NEWS! - April 2018 Audiofuzz music blog wrote about "This Song is Not About a Boy" music video and Girls Rock Santa Barbara.

I compose soundtrack music and create repertoire for English-speaking world percussion ensembles. I am also the creator and producer of Music for Rodents.

Working with music, I create opportunities for musicians to perform in meaningful ways that don't require conformity to dominant stereotypes. I am experienced in electronic music production, audio engineering, and modern music publishing. My background is in traditional Protestant music and world percussion, but freedom of ideas and extending beyond the limitations of replicating tradition are the primary and most unique skills that I bring to all my work.

Theme and soundtrack music:

Percussion music:

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Working Demos and Sheet Music for musicians:

Invisible Lines (flute and trombone)

Crows Samba Reggae

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